fuc a cop (featuring tevin)

by a bunch of dudes

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a little track i did with the man tevin.

my verse focuses on me wanting to kill cops, and telling a girl that i gotta do just that. tevin's verse focuses on the women's point of view, her becoming more and more stressed out by my conversation i have conjured up, and her mind wandering due to that.


fox speaks the words:
paddled by, the brink of destruction
this is a lunch-in for munchkins.
punch it to fly bye
it can be just you and i.
everyone used to say an eye for an eye
but that police offcer still there
lets escape before they kill us both
escape before i hit em both
escape before i get us killed.
im sorry i chose the blue pill honey.
i still love you for youself.
but i gotta take a break and kill
take a break maybe to take a break
or take a break and get killed.

tevin speaks the words:
I will die stress.
I notice every confrontational conversation you digress,
I will feel objectified well adjusting my breast
I feel disgusting in my dress.
Discussing patriarchy in by best bias.
My money could buy us.
I'm going to write rap songs and dye my hair
I'm going to go on a 4chan thread and get attack by a bear,
I'm going to make tumblr and wear hood by air


released January 4, 2016
produced by sleepy eyes

written by jouquin fox and tevin mickens.




a bunch of dudes Beatrice, Nebraska

at least you tried

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